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At 48th Street, music is not a matter of life and death. It is more important than that.

Background music : Lonesome Blues from Play My Blues CD

On 10th September, 2003, 48th Street inaugurated a new area with an all new stage relocated from the original position of the old stage. The new stage offers a much more balanced sound and a much better view of the musicians in action.

The Concept

48th Street Chicago Blues is the first and only club in Hong Kong dedicated to the Blues. This is the only place in Hong Kong where you can see the pictures of Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter, Tempa Red, Son House and the likes hanging on the walls. The club was founded by Hong Kong’s foremost Bluesman Tommy Chung in 2000. If you want to hear “The Greatest Love Of All”, “Hotel California” or “Still Got The Blues”, this is not the place. If you want to dance to a disco beat or just sit in a bar with some background live music, this is also not the place. But if you want to listen to “Hoochie Coochie Man”, “Dust My Broom”, “Walking Throu’ The Park”, “Three O’clock In The Morning” and listen to music played with passion, you have found the right place. Musicians play at 48th Street because they love music, because 48th Street is a place run by a musician who understands music; it is a place where musicians can play music in their own way and their own manner free from restraints.

The whole idea of 48th Street is to provide a live venue for musicians who play music with heart and soul. We stay away from the commercial music offered by most, if not all, of the bars and clubs in Hong Kong. At 48th Street, musicians mean the music they play, here music is played with passion and fire. Music is the heart and soul of 48th Street. This is also the only place in Hong Kong where you can hear the Blues regularly. On Saturday nights, Tommy And The All Blues will play the Blues from 10:30 pm. till they finish, often around 4:00 a.m. in the morning. Throughout the week, there is live music of all idioms and genre : Jazz, Fusion Jazz, Bossa Nova, and Rock. Check out our programmes of live music to find something that suits your taste. We are proud to say some of the best musicians in town play at 48th Street. Foreign musicians also often play at 48th Street from time to time. We are not a big place but we certainly have some of big names who played at 48th Street. Check out our Musicians Profile for musicains who play at 48th Street. We have an international clientele, people from all over the world come to visit 48th Street when they come to Hong Kong. 48th Street is also the most favourite place for professional musicians for after hours jam. At 48th Street, it is all music and friendship. We sometimes feel music was so heavy in the air even when the show is finished and everyone is just sitting around talking to one another.

On Sundays, we often have our Sunday Showcase. This is the time for young musicians in Hong Kong to play live. Most young musicians cannot find anywhere to play in Hong Kong but now they have 48th Street. This is also an occasion when young musicians meet fellow young musicians. After the show, everyone sat around drinking and talking about music; some compare instruments, others swap music charts. Music is in the air. Everywhere in 48th Street you can feel the music, you can feel the love we have for music at 48th Street. It is so thick at times you can alomost cut it with a knife.

We have a friendly atmosphere at 48th Street, you just cannot find a friendlier club in Hong Kong. Our staff are accustomed to giving directions to hotels, offering advice to the best tourist spots and restaurants in Hong Kong. So if you visit Hong Kong for the first time and want to find out what Hong Kong has to offer, just drop by, our staff will be more than happy to help you find your feet in Hong Kong. Our manageress is Miss Mabel Wong. Just in case our staff cannot assist you, ask for Mabel.

See you all at 48th Street. You just be careful, you come once you will want to come back again.

Questions frequently asked are
“Why 48th Street? Why not 42nd Street? Where is 48th Street”. 48th Street is the New York 48th Street where you can find every single guitar of your dream, every musical instrument of your whim. As to “Chicago Blues”, yeah, it’s just nothing but the Blues.


As to equipment, 48th Street simply has the best equipment for a live music club in Hong Kong.

Check it out.

Equipment List

Guitar Amplifiers

Messa Boogie 50/50 Power Amp

Messa Boogie Formular Pro Pre-amp with Yamaha SPX900

Messa Boogie 2 x 12 Speaker Cabinet

Messa Boogie Mark I Re-issue

Fender De Ville

Fender Hot Rod

Marshall JCM 900

Yamaha GIII

Peavy Blues Screamer


Harp Amp

Fender Blues Junior


Bass Amps

Tracy Elliot




Yamaha EX7


Keyboard Amplifier

Roland KC 500


P.A. System

2 Yamaha 3200 Power Amp

Peavy Monitor Speaker

Yamaha S1121V Speaker System

Yamaha S1151V Speaker System

Mackie 1420-VLZ Pro 14-Channel Mic/ Line Mixer

MicroVerb4 18 bit Signal Processor

Alesis 3630 Compressor

Yamaha Q2031 B Graphic Equalizer

Mackie 200 Power Mixer



Full set Pearl Drum Kit



Shure Green Bullet for harp

3 x Shure SM 58

1 x Shure SM57

1 x Audio Technica


In November, 2003, HK Milk Magazine did an article on 48th Street and some of the musicians who play at 48th Street. Click here to read about it.



Come and expereince the best live music in Hong Kong.

48th Street Chicago Blues is run by Tommy Chung, the foremost Blues player in Hong Kong. To find out more about him, click HERE

See you soon.



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