The Sparkle Drive

by Voodoo Lab

(picture to come)


The name "Voodoo Lab" certainly sounds ominous. But as a matter of fact, their effects pedals are really bright and shiny. They are a relatively small company and, unlike Boss, their line of products is quite small. And unlike Boss, the price tag on the Voodoo Lab products are quite high. Voodoo Lab makes only a handful of pedals and one of them is the Sparkle Drive .As with the other pedals made by Voodoo Lab This pedal is really excellent.

The Sparkle Drive has two channels. One is the overdrive channel and the other is the clean channel. Now the unquie feature of the Sparkle Drive is you adjust the mix between the overdrive and clean channels. It is like mixing two amps. The pedal has four control buttons : Drive, Tone, Clean and Volume. By dailing the Drive button you adjust the overdrive. By dialing the tone, you adjust the bass and treble. The crux of the effect is the Clean button. By adjusting this button, you adjust the mix between the overdrive channel and the clean channel. Why do you want to do that? Let me tell you why.

The Sparkle Drive gives you a respectable overdrive sound but that is not what the Sparke Drive is for (at least to me). By adjusting the Clean button you can get the best clean boost sound out of any amp you are using. It may be a Mesa Boogie, it may a cheap transistor amp. But if you know how to use the Sparkle Drive you can get such a great clean boost sound. Suddenly your guitar sounds warm, full of punch: it has fat mid if you roll off the tone on your guitar and it has a razor sharp edge when you roll on the tone. All that power packed into an absolutely clean sound. By adjusting the mix of the overdrive and clean channel, you can adjust the amout of overdrive seeping into your guitar sound. You can have a sound that boarders on overdrive but not quite there. This works magic when you are doing funky rhythm. Or you can opt for a clean sound that is packed with a thousand pound punch just like you find on some of Stevie Ray Vaghan's recording. I never use the Sparkle Drive for overdrive sound as the Lovepedal does a much better job. But I have the Sparkle Drivc on most of the time to give the punch to my guitar. The Sparkle Drive is also a great boost pedal to thicken up your overdrive sound.

At the end of the day, I use the Sparkle Drive for only clean boost. The pedal is around US$140, not inexpensive by all means. It is a lot of money to pay for any pedal. But if like all good pedals, it does only one job and does it really well.