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Through music I have made so many friends and so many good friends as well. Music brought to us happiness, life and peace. Without music is like life without daylight. Throughout the years I have made a lot of friends in Japan and here are some of the good times.


September 2001 live in Takutaku, Kyoto, Japan

Nishiyama : guitar; Morishima on drums; Teppe on bass; Dr. Joe on piano; Kaoru on umbrella gutiar and vocal on Got Your Mojo Working




In 1995, I recorded my debut recording at the JVC/Victor Studio and Eggs & Shep Studio in Japan and in 1996, I played the biggest show in my life at A.C. Hall in Hong Kong. It was the first evet Blues concert by a local guy. Man, did we have a party. Some 1,000 people came to see us.

Yoko "Sunny Girl" Hashimoto

On stage with master Takeda

Andrew Pask : Sax

Takasahi Nieko

Shinsuke Sasai

I would like to thank Mr. Takeda, Yoko san and all the people who took part in the show. The A.C. Hall was one of the most memorable experience in my life which I will never forget. I would like to thank also Mr. Sam Jor and Queenie Sia of Music Week for making this show possible.
Rehearsal at Tom Lee Music for the A.C. Hall show
More pictures from A.C. Hall
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September 2002, live at The Cellar and The Star Diner in Osaka with Kenji and Masato's BSMF band
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Alfred Wong


September 2002, live in Nega Pose in Kyoto with friends;

Koya Hisakazu on bass, Kazzy on drums, Tomiyama on Blues harp, Nishiyama on gutiar and Dr. Joe on piano


In September, 2002, I visited my friends at JVC/Victor Studio in Lake Yamanakako near Mount Fjui. A breath-taking place of beauty and we had such playing music.

I joined my good friends Masa Oya, Takatani, Katsumi, Takashi and others and did a show together. These are some of the best professional players in Japan. What a time we had.

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Kazuo Takeda live At The Ko Shan Theatre

In August, 2000, Sam Wong of Music Net and I were proud to present Mr. Kazuo Takeda's show at the Ko Shan Theatre.

Masayuki Higuchi : Drums, Tom Rowbottom : Bass, Douglas Danaher : Piano; Masa Oya : Guitar; Yoko "Sunny Girl" Hashimoto : vocals & harp



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