Rooster North Side

The Rooster Northside is a new extension of The Rooster. The Rooster is a well-known live house in Tokyo, top acts from all over Japan play at the Rooster regularly. Two years ago, I played at the old Rooster with Azuma san. If you travel to Tokyo, make sure you drop by, the music acts everynight are top class. The old and new Rooster are within close proximity of each other, both in the Okykubo area.

One the night, apart from my band was Masa Oya san and Takatani san's Soul Mates. As usual, their set was cracking. It is always hard to follow their act. There turnout was very good on the night. That was the first show for the two young musicians and understandably they seemed a bit nervous but they did a good job and got warmed up as we got more and more into our music. At the end of the set, Masa Oya san and Takatani joined us on stage and we did "Can't Stop Loving The Blues".

At The Rooster Northside, I met my long time friend Ian Haydock. Ian and I both attended King's College London for our degree and he was the bassist in my first ever band "RTW Live". We did two recordings in London before I came back to Hong Kong in 1984 after passing my Bar Finals. The last time I saw him was over 20 years ago in London. It was great to meet Ian again. After the show we had a long chat to get us up-dated with each other. Ian has been working and living in Tokyo for 14 years. He is happily married and has a child. Ian is still playing bass but he is now also a classic guitarist. He has not changed one bit.

Masato san, joined Soul Mates and did a great rendition of "Mustang Sally". The house was all warmed up by the time I got on stage and we played for one hour. Toward the end of the our set, we really got into our music and had a great time on stage enjoying the music and atmosphere.



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