Japan Tour September/ October 2003

For me, the highlight of each year is definitely the shows in Japan. It is a time to meet old music friends and to make new music friends. It is also a time to share your music with others. The shows in Japan are always a good yardstick to measure your progress in music. In Japan, there are a lot of Blues fans, nearly all musicians can play the Blues and you feel you are playing in front of people who really understand and appreciate the Blues. For most of the shows in Japan, I was to play as three piece with bass and drums. Stephane was to be the drummer for all the shows; Koya Hisakazu will play bass in the shows in Yokohama and Tokyo. "Korean" Joe was to play the bass in the three Osaka shows.

The tour in Japan this year kicked off in Yokohama, stopping at Tokyo and finishing off in Osaka. The music journey fulfilled every promised it held out and there were a few surprised along the way as well. If you are interested, read on.

Stormy Monday in Yokohama

29th September, 2003




The symbol of Stromy Monday is a crocodile, a la Crocdile Records

Stormy Monday is one of the original Blues venues in Japan. It is rich in history and all the famous Blues musicians have at one time or another played here.



Kazuki san of Stormy Monday

At Stormy Monday, we were to play two sets of music. The first set I played with Stephane and Koya in a trio format. The owner of Stormy Monday, Kazuki san, had kindly arranaged a piano player and a harp player to join us on the second set. Vincent Lam also joined us on the second set.

Tometi Ishii

With Tsukasa Suzuki

Interview with Takantai san for broadcast on a local radio statuon

Vincent Lam and Stephane

The Stromy Monday show as our first show, we were a little tense when we started off. But once the music started, we really enjoyed the occasion and the music of Suzuki san and Ishii san.


Teru san came all the way from Tokyo to see us. It was so good to see this good friend again.

Official cameraman


"Weeping Harp" Senoh

30-10-2003 Blues legend "Weep Harp" Senoh played Stormy Monday

with Tera on guitar.

"Weep Harp" Senoh is one of the best Blues harp player in Japan. Since I was a teenager I was already buying his Lps. The man has tremendous presence on stage and his singing and Blues harp are really phenomenal. There is perhaps no bigger name in Blues in Japan.

On guitar is the famous Tereda Kazuhito


Senoh san was so kind as to invite me on stage to play with his band. I played three songs with Senoh san and also on the encore. I had a great time playing with Senoh san and his band and certainly learnt a lot.


Fugu Dinner

In Yokoahama, we had a Fugu dinner. This extremely poisionous fish has deterred many from savouring its taste. You only live once and we decided we would take the risk.
The Fugu dinner comes as a 6 course meal, including shashimi, shabu shabu, roast, soup and congee style

Fugu skin


Fugu Sake

Fugo shashimi

Fugu pieces for roasting

Roast Fugu

Fugu in congee



Chief Chef "King" Koya prepares the Fugu congee


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