HiFi Magazine Review July 1996

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Tommy & The All Blues
(Independent label)

Following the footsteps of Eugene Pao who went to America to record with Jack DeJohnette and John Pettitucci, another Hong Kong guitarist Tommy Chung also went last year to record “Play My Blues” with ex-Creation guitarist Kazuo Takeda. The backing band was in fact Kazuo Takeda’s now backing band. Tommy finally made his dream come true. According to Tommy, the cost of recording the session to pressing and the live show to be stage at the A.C. Hall at the end of July totaled some HK$1million. That is something else!

Tommy fell in love with the Blues when he was studying law in England. Robert Johnson and Johnny Winter are his main influences which explains why he did Robert Johnson’s “Dust My Broom” and Johnny Winter’s “One Step At A Time”. Tommy may be a local guy, but his skills are no worse than overseas musicians, add to that is his “throaty” vocal; “Play My Blues” is just like a recording made a foreign artist. At least, Tommy and Kazuo Takeda’s backing band are international standard.

“It’s My Life Baby”, “One Sunny Day”, “Let’s Have A Natural Ball”, “Dust My Broom”, “Drinking Blues”, “One Step At A Time”, “Can’t Stop Loving and “Roll On” were electric stuff. The rest, “Leaving Blues”, “Play My Blues” and “Lonesome Blues were acoustic pieces with only Tommy playing slide and singing. Both electric and acoustic materials were good. “Lonesome Blues” was recorded at Tommy’s home studio, the rest were recorded in Japan at Egg & Shep Studio and JVC/Victor Studio 501.

There was one time when Tommy asked me about the quality of the recording. To honest, the quality of the recording was not supreme. In fact he said he did not add too muc EQ to the recording, he emphasized that with the Blues, the sound should be natural, the quality of the recording is on the top of the list of priorities.

Really “Play My Blues” is really blues feel.