Osaka Tour September 2004

Ricky, Sunny, Micheal and Tommy

The Osaka tour 2004 is part of the promotion of my new CD Blues Time released in Japan on 20th July, 2004. The tour will take me to Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto all in the Kansai area in western part of Japan. The musical idea behind this tour was to play as a trio in all the shows except when the great Blues master Mr. "Weeping Harp" Senoh join me on stage. I have never really done any shows in Japan in a trio format and this is the time to put it to test. The stage is the best place to test it and there can be no better place than Japan.

For the trio line-up, I asked Sunny to play bass and Ricky to play drums. Micheal was to sit in on the piano for the shows with Mr. "Weeping Harp" Senoh. Sunny is a young musician and he had never played music outside Hong Kong. It was a bit of a gamble to take him on board for these shows but he was every bit up to it and the gamble paid off. Ricky is professional drummer and he was asked to join at the last minute due to unforseen circumstances. This was another gamble.

We arrived in Osaka on 17th Wednesday of September. On 19th, the President of BSMF, Mr. Masato Nishimura, took us to see Mr. Shinji Shiotsugu at the Raindogs.

Mr. Shinji is known as the Blues Guitar Master. His line-up includes bass, drums, piano, rhythm guitar, paino and two lovely back-up singers. His music is Blues and sometimes with a pinch of Rhythm and Blues and Soul. Mr. Shinji and his band was really cracking and rocking the night we saw them play at the Raindogs. Mr. Shinji asked me to join him on stage for two songs. It was great to be able to play on stage with him and his cracking band.



Live At Page One 20-8-2004


The show at Page One was a special night as I would meet one of my favourite musicians Mr. Kenji Hanaoka. Mr. Hanaoka was the bassist of one of my all time favoruite Japanese bands Yukadan. Mr. Hanaoka was the founding member of Yukadan of this immensely popular band in Japan until the band broke up a few years ago. I have been buying their Lps since I was around 19 years old. This is the first time I meet Mr. Hanaoka san and my band was the opening act on the night. It was a great pleasure of mine to be the opening act of one of my all time favorite musicians. It was exciting.

We opened the show with an instrumental track and received a warm welcome. After shedding all the tension after the first song, we went straight into our set and enjoyed the occasion to no end. It was the first show of the tour and I was quite happy that we managed to play well and enjoyed the music.


With Mr. Masato Nishimura


The main act : Hanoaka Produce Unit

Jamming with Hanaoka Produce Unit

Mr. Hanaoka san was really nice, he asked me to join his band on stage. I played with one of my all-time favourite bass player.It was a memorable night being able to play on the same stage with Mr. Hanaoka.

The next show is at The Howling Bar with the Blues Master Mr. Weeping Harp Senoh joining .

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