The musicians playing at 48th Street Chicago Blues


Of course music is fun, but music is also a serious matter. All the musicians who play at 48th Street respect music regardless of whether they are young or old, crippled or disabled. There are no jokers on stage and we are proud to have them playing here.

At 48th Street, music is not a matter of life and death, it is more important than that.

The following are some of the musciains who play at 48th Street. With more accomplished players, we ask them to tell their story about themselves and their music history and we ask them to share with us their thoughts on music and give some advice to young musicians. We hope young misicians can learn something from the accomplished payers. On behalf of 48th Street, I thank all the musicians who have taken their time to share with us their thoughts with us here.

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Tommy Ho

Jason Ho

Alex Katusmata


Teru Murayama

Alfred Wong

Two Tonnes

Speed King

Karissa Muse

Mad Mud

Helter Skelter

Tommy Chung

Papa Jack

Metal Blade

Edward Chun

Fire Engine

Ah Hong

Lakeside Sessions

Koya Hisakazu

Tony Lee

Jimmy Chan

Steve Laue

Never N


Small Note

The Dumb Melon Quartet