Maria Maldaur



I am always not one for laid-back Jazzy female vocalists. They sound sweet and sugary but after a tune or two, I just cannot keep my concentration and my thoughts would wonder and soon the music became no more than a background and I would be lost in my own thoughts. This kind of music hardly sustain my interest. I literally stumbled across Maria Muldaur when I bought Jay McShann’s Jumpin’ The Blues. I was fascinated by her singing and voice on Come On Over To My House and Backwater Blues. I went around looking for her recordings and ended up buying several of them and the best of them is Meet Me Where I Play The Blues.

Meet Me Where I Play The Blues is Jazz Blues. Make no mistake, this is not another Koko Taylor or Sippie Wallace. Maria Muldaur has one of the most winsome voices in Jazz Blues and she sounds so seductive and insinuating. I am not going to pretend I know much about the history of this kind of music or Maria Muldaur, but Meet Me Where I Play The Blues is just wonderful. The title track Meet Me Where I Play The Blues, Misery and The Blues are simply ace. Maria sings ina laid back, lazy to the bone fashion and sounds sexy and intimating. The Promise Land is a masterpiece. This piece is almost gospel. If one day you feel you need just a little change from all that downhome rough and touch Blues and want a little bit of female touch and class, try Meet Me Where I Play The Blues. The piano and organ player was top notch, his name is David Mathews. Check him out.

If you are interested in Maria Mulduar, try this web site :

Richland Woman Blues is a recording Maria Mulder pays tribute to the Mississippie Blues of the '30s. Have a listen, this is also good stuff.