The best live music in town

Live Music Programme for March 2005

Live Music Programme for April 2005


Each month, at 48th Street we bring you some of the best music in town. Bands and musicians play at 48th Street because they love music. At 48th Street, musicians have the freedom to do their music in they way they want to do it and they mean the music they play. There is nothing commercial about the music played at 48th Street in the sense that no one comes to play at 48th Street to do a job, finish it and get out as soon as it is done. On some Sundays, we organize our Sunday Showcases featuring young musicians in Hong Kong. This provide them with an opportuntiy to play in front of a real audience and to meet fellow musicians.

At 48th Street, we have the highest percentage of musician/audience in town. Many of the people sitting around you at 48th Street are musicians. This is also a favourite place for professional musicians to hang out after work. Bands usually do three sets of 45 minute sets on the night. Show time usually start at 10:30 p.m. Depending on who is in the house, more often than not, after the official main show there is the unofficial show where the band playing on the night would invite guests to go up for jam sessions . Some say these are in fact the best shows.

If you play music and want to play with the band playing on the night, please go and talk to the band leader. We welcome musicians to play music with us. But before you do that, plesase remember a few things :-

1. Please do not play if you have had too much to drink, you can always come back another time;
2. When you go on stage to join the band, we expect you to perform up to a minimum standard. If you are not sure whether you are good enough to play with the band, please listen to the band and if you are confident, go and talk to the band leader;
3. When you are invited to play on stage, please step down after one song unless you are invited to stay on;
4. We welcome guests to play at 48th Street, but we also take music very seriously and we do not appreciate jokers on stage or entertain drunkeness on stage.

We look forward to seeing you.