Mitsuyoshi Azuma live at 48th Street


Tomiyama : harp; Edward Chun : guitar; Azuma : guitar & vocal; Tommy Chung : guitar & vocal; Koya Hisakazu : bass, Hiroya Kohsaka : keyboard; Taro Takashi : drums


Mr. Azuma, one of the best gutiarists of Japan came to play at 48th Street on 8th and 9th of November,2002 . On 8th, Mr. Azuma played with Jason Ho and Company and on 9th Mr. Azuma played with Tommy & The All Blues. It was all very exciting and we had such a good time. On behlaf of everyone at 48th Street and on behalf of the audience, I would like to thank Mr. Azuma for coming to 48th Street sharing his music and giving us such a good time. Amid all the excitment, we were a little light-headed and a lot of the pictures I took of the two shows unfortunately did not come out. Here are those who do come out.


Amercian Bluesman Mr. Cosmo St. Clair live at 48th Street Chicago Blues



Jason, Alfred, Tommy Chung, Stephene & Tommy Ho & June Kung



Ludwig Buatista live at 48th Street 27th December, 2002

Ludwig : guitar/vocals Jon : drums, Koya : bass, Larry Z : guitar/vocals; special guest Eddie : vocal


June Kung at 48th Street

Taro Takashi at 48th Street

Taro, Teru and Jason


Koya's Birthday on New Years Eve of 2002


Vincent's Birthday Party on 18-1-2003


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