Live and life at 48th Street Chicago Blues


At 48th Street, we have such good times playing music at 48th Street. Here are some of the good times we had and I am sure many more to come.

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Playing after hours with Karou san and Morishima san from Kyoto

Koya, Tommy and Kaoru


Mr. Kazuo Takeda at 48th Street Chicago Blues

In May, 2001, Mr. Kazuo Takeda came to 48th Street to celebrate the opening of 48th Street Chicago Blues. Mr. Takeda brought to 48th Street his music and gave inspiration to all those who were there. He left an indible mark in our hearts and wewill never forget the experience. We at 48th Street are forever thankful and grateful to Mr. Takeda.

48th Street was packed to the hilt on show nights


Kazuo Takeda : guitar & vocals
Alfred Wong : guitar
Kaya Hisakazu : bass
Anthony Chow : keyboards


Koya, Kazzy amd Mr. Takeda


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