House Of Jazz

28th Sunday August


The House Of Jazz is in Saki in Osaka. This was the first time I played there. The House Of Jazz is a small venue. The audience are well within touching distance. It is sometimes more duanting to play small venues than big ones. The atmosphere is so intimate and the audience can see every move you make, hear every note you play. There is no room for mistakes and sometimes you'll feel there is not much room even to breathe. You just have to concentrate more than 100% on your music. If something goes wrong on stage, there is nowhere to hide. Stage experience is what will help in small venues. You just have to get into the music as soon as you get up to play, there is no space to warm up your music, it has to be all there right from the start.

The House Of Jazz is a music place. That is the first impression you will get when you walk in. On the wall behind the bar are hunderds of Lps and tons of CDs. Albert Kings's "Live In San Francisco" was coming out of the loudspeakers when I walked in at 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon. On one wall are pictures of famous musicians. I could feel at home almost immediately. This was the last show of the tour and by this time, all of us are well within the swing of things and pretty relaxed and looked forward to playing.

A Jazz Fusion band started off the night at 8:00 p.m. As usual, the band was great. There was plenty of room for each of the members to stretch out and they played a great set of music for 45 minutes. They did a fantastic version of Jeff Beck's "Pork Pie Hat".


We really enjoyed the music and the audience as hot. We played for over an hour and did two encores. It as a nice evening to round up the Japan tour. This is one place I would certainly to play again. After this show we went back to Tokyo the next day and spend two days in Tokyo before getting on a place homeward bound.


With the owner of The House Of Jazz


When it was time to go, it was always sad. Playing Japan is living a real music life to its fullest. Meeting friends, travelling to different places, playing music every night. What more can you want? When we really got into the rhythm of things, playing better and better, it was always time to go. To me, this had been a most memorable tour. I have never travelled such great distances in Japan and playing 9 shows in 10 days was a bit of a record for me. I remember on the way back to the hotel after the House of Jazz show, I wished so much the next day was 22nd August so I could start my Japan tour again from day one.

For me, this was the first time I played in Japan with such young musicians like Ding san and Wai sai, two young boys still at school. They really did a great job. I am sure they learnt a lot in this tour and will continue to work on their music. These tow boys have all the potential, rough-diamond if you like. Give them a few years and they will be cracking hot. Physically, this tour had been really demanding tour, often we were so tried we fell asleep travelling. Whenever we sat down, we soon fell asleep. On a couple of nights, before we even got on stage we were completely exhausted. But in the end we made it.

Ding san and Wai san really did a great job. When you go on tour in Japan, all your shortcomings come to the surface. You can never disguise, you are as good as you are or as bad as you are. I have discovered a few things about myself and so have the two young boys. There is plenty of room for improvement and there is plenty to learn and plenty of work to be done. Until next year.

I would like to thank all my friends in Japan for making this tour happen. In particular, I would like to thank Setsuko san of New York Minute in Sapporo, Masato Nishimura, Masa Oya san and Takatani san who organized the mainland tour, Mikey and Samantha coming all the way from Hong Kong to lend me support. . I would like to thank everyone who turned up for my shows. Thank you.

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