Club Jungle

26th Friday

In 1995, I had a Blues radio programme at Radio FM Select in Hong Kong called "All Blues Hours". It was a live broadcast and every Saturday between 7 and 9 p.m. I played on the air-waves the Blues I love. I still remember the first time when I put on Robert Johnson's "Crossroad Blues" , I had sweat in my palms. No one had ever done this before, for the first time in Hong Kong, you could hear Robert Johnson on the radio. On 26th Friday, I was invited to a Blues radio programme in Osaka for an interview and to talk about the Blues. Masato san, the director of the company handling the distribution of my Cds in Japan has a Blues radio programme ever week at Radio Kansai.

I arrived at Kansai Radio at around 3 in the afternoon with Masato san and my wife and was introduced to two young DJ's Kimura san and Misaki san. Kimura san and Misaki san both play music and Kimura san's band would join the show at the Club Jungle later that evening. They played several songs from my latest CD "Blues Time" on the air and I was asked to introduced them. I was also asked to play a song live in the studio. It was great fun to talk about the Blues and play in the studio. I played an acoustic version of "Last Nite". The weather was great and for the first time in 5 days I had enough sleep and was feel on top of the world.

With Shibata san, Misaki san, Masato san and Kimura san


Club Jungle is as live house in Osaka where bands of different variety perform their music. They have a vast collection of vinyl (for those who are not old enough to know what that is, they are records we use to play on turntables). Predominantly Western music or western styled music is played at Club Jungle but they preserve one Japanese tradition there : you have to take off your shoes to get in.

There is a big shelf on one side of the room full of LPs. I spent a long time looking at them. They brought back to me so much memories of my childhood and adolesence when all I worried about at the time was when I would save enough money to buy the next LP. We got there at around 5:00 p.m. for sound check.

On the night, besides my band was Hanaoka san's band Hanaoka Proudce Unit, Kimura's band and a solo artist. Hanaoka san is the bassist of one of my all time favourtie Japanese band Yukadan. Yukadan had been playing together for some 15 years and had released over 30 recordings before they disband a few years ago. I had most of their LPs and had to buy all their CDs again. When Hanaoka san visited Hong Kong in June, I had him autographed all the CD jackets of the Yukadan CDs I have, over 20 in total. We enjoyed playing so much and had a great time sharing our music with one another. The last band to play was Kimura san's band and Misaki san, Ding san and I all got on stage and played together.

After the show, Connie, Samantha, Mikey and I went out drinking in Osaka. We got pretty done in the end but we had a great time, enjoying the Osaka air, relishing the shouju and relishing the music we had at Club Jungle. The next show : The Howling Bar