Live At The Howling Bar

On 5th Ocotber 2003, I played at The Howling Bar for the first time. At the time, I lost my drummer. Stephane was admitted to hospital as soon as he arrived in Osaka. We had to do the show on an ad hoc basis with the kind help of the drummer Kenji san from BSMF. In spite of that, the Master of The Howling Bar was prepared to have me back again. I am determined to do a good show this time. So this was a very important show to me. Added to this fact was the Blues master Mr. "Weep Harping" Senoh would join us on the second set. Rarely do you have the chance to play with such consumate msuicians, a real Blues master and it was great honour to me to be able to play with Mr. Senoh. I was to play the first hour as a three piece and Mr. Senoh would join us on the second set.

Last year I had played at The Howling Bar and I know the place and the Master. On the night, the whole place was packed to the hilt, you cannot move around without stepping on someone's toes. I saw quite a few familiar faces. I was quite relaxed. We opened with an instrumental and got a good repsonse as soon as we hit the first note. After that we just enjoyed the music, enjoyed the occasion and the atmosphere. It was one of those nights when you could just close your eyes and play and you would be hitting all the right notes, it was one of those nights when you don't even have to think but just feel the emotion in yourself and just play, channel all your emotions and bad feelings (which I had a lot in abudance of late) through the msuic. I was living the the life of the songs I was singing on stage. We had a great response when we finished out. Sunny did really well on the bass, steading the rhythm as we go along, giving all the right cues to the drummer. I really enjoyed the first set.


With Mr. "Weeping Harp" Senoh

Mr. "Weeping Harp" Senoh is one of the best musical arsonist on stage : he literally sets the stage on fire every time he steps on stage. Believe me, if The Howling Bar was smoudering when I finished my trio set, it was on fire in the second set when the Blues master came on stage. Everyone one went wild. The energy from Mr. Senoh was phenomenal. Mr. Senoh combines technique and feeling and blew everyone away. There was literally a riot going on in the audience. I have never enjoyed playing a show so much. In the second Micheal join us on the piano. I have never head Micheal played better before. Micheal's message a loud and clear, even a Hong Kong guy can play the Blues piano and he done me proud. Micheal was smashing on the night. Mr. Senoh's piano player Toritaki san joined us during the middle of the set. His piano playing was fantastic. When we as doing the solo in Got My Mojo Working, me, Sunny and Micheal turned our heads to see what was going on with the piano. We all wondered "What the hell is happening? This can't be true". At one stage Micheal was playing the keyboard and Toritaki san was on the piano. It was just fantastic.


It turned out that quite a few of the audience had bought my CDs after the show and want my autograph. A few of them actually wanted my autograph on their T-shirt including a great look Japanese lady. We had such a good time even off stage.

With the Master of The Howling Bar

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