The Howling Bar


The Howling Bar is a great place for the Blues in Kansai area. A lot Blues bands and Blues musicians play there every week and Mr. "Weepin' Harp" Senoh is one of them. This is the second time in two years I played the Howling Bar. I know the place, I know what to expect. Last year, we had a howling reception here and did our best show here of the entire tour in 2004. Mikey and Samantha were new comers and they travelled with us in Masato san's van. It took about 35 minutes to get from the hotel to the Howling bar.


The rundown for the night is Masato san and Kenji san's and BSMF, would start the show. Then my band would come one and do a set and then Senoh san would join us. The Howling Bar is a place with history and I can feel the music that had been played there beofore me.


By the time we got to play the Howling Bar, we were fully rested and relaxed did one of our best shows there. Ding san and Wai san could be seen enjoying themsleves. Good to see the two of them smiling.




It is always great to play with first class players like Senoh san. The man is really music itself, top class technique and top class entertainment as well. It had also been quite some time since I last saw Kenji san and Masato san's band BSMF play. It was really good to hear them play. Ding as and Wai san also enjoyed the show. We played for over one hour as a three peice and played for another hour with Senoh san and in the end, Masato san and Kenji san joined is to do "Can't Stop Loving The Blues". What a night.

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