After 5

14th October 2006

This is the second year running playing at After 5 at their annual music festival. After 5 is Tai Po, quite a long way from where I live. But I had a great time playing there last year. The owners, Kenny and Amina, really nice people and great host. They really make me feel welcome. Both of them spent time studying in England and we became instant good friends the moment we met. This year I got Lawrence Tsui on drums. In the last couple of years Lawrence made a name for himself as a professional drummer. And not without reasons too. Lawrence is really a great drummer, good music sense, good music feel. There were 3 other bands played on the night including Mikey's Four X. I got on stage at around 11:15 and play for one and a half hours. The place was packed, hardly any room to move about. Our American friend Chuck was in town and joined me on Blues harp on one song. After the show, we had a jam session and Mikey joined us on guitar with Chuck on bass. I really enjoyed the show last night. It had been quite some time since I had a good time like last night.

Chuck on Blues harp

Many thanks to Kenny Cheung and Amina for inviting me to play again at After 5. Here is a picture of Kenny caught in a moment stealthily taking a drink at the mixing desk.




China Jazz Festival 2006

Pictures of the China Jazz Festival 2006 courtesy of Anotny Chung



At The Venue 30-6-2005



At After 5 Wine Bar 9-7-2005


At Victoria Park 24-7-2005


At Hard Rock Cafe

on 1st August, 2005

On 1st August, 2005, courtesy of Bernie Tey of Hard Rock Cafe, we staged a 48th Street at Hard Rock Cafe featuring 4 bands who used to play regularly at 48th Street. Apart from my band, there was Speed King, Small Note and Never N. It was reunion of some of the musicians who were regulars at 48th Street. A great deal of fans and friends also turned up. It was just great.



Live At The Fringe Club : 12th August, 2005

It was a great night. Jimmy Chan joined us on Blues harp and Ram of Dum Melon Quartet joined us on gutiar. Jimmy is the local Blues harp ace, he had been playing at 48th Street for quite some time with my band. Ram Cheung is a young Blues player and one of the best young Blues gutiarists in Hong Kong. His playing is smooth and soulful. We really had a great time party on stage. On the first set, the full band played for an hour. I did my trio set in the second set and invited Jimmy and Ram on stage once again towards the end. We played for a hour and a half.

Thanks to Ram and Jimmy joinning us on stage.