This is where it all started : 1992 Sapporo Japan. This was my first ever trip to Japan to play music. I made so many friends in Hokkaido and I would go back to play with them in the years to come. Going to Japan to play music was my first step to into the world of music. On this first trip, I played in Sapporo City and a music festival in Furano and a show in a Blues bar.

With Miki, Yanagiya and Sam Chow

With Hotoshi in Hurt Wood Cafe, Furano


Live at the Wan Chi Street Party


organized by B.C. Magazine


Drums : Stephane Wong

Bass : Koya Hisakazu

Harp : Tommiya

Guitar : Vincent Lam

Tracy Cheuk : keyboards

More pictures of the Street Party click here



B.C. Magazine write-up


In January, 1998, I went to play music with my friends in Hokkdaido, Japan.
Shibetsu is rather remote place, but it is a beautiful place. Every where was snow white and everthing was snow-capped. It was –30 degrees when I arrived.



Poster of the my shows in Jutoku and Takutaku in Kyoto, Japan in 2001.



Live at The Universe, Bibai, Hokkaido 9th January, 1998

After the show at Shibetsu, the next day I traveled to Bibi and did another show with my friends. We were suppose to play for one and a half hour but we ended up playing 3 hours.

With Yanagiya's Les Paul Classics


My good friend Yanagiya, a fantastic guitarist

At the show, I was introduced to Mr. Chiba. the best Blues harpist in Hokkdaido. What a jam we had.


January, 1999 Live at Baby's, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hart Avenue, Kowloon
It is always a special occasion when my Japanese music friends come to visit me in Hong Kong. In January, 1999, we play a show at Johnny & Susan’s Baby’s. On the night, we drank some 10 bottles of whiskies, a dozen of red wine and beer and other stuff I cannot even recall.


Takatani : guitar

Masa Oya : guitar

Katsumi : drums

Takashi : bass

Micheal : piano

Tommy : guitar and vocal



In July, 1999, I visited my friends in Japan and played a series of shows including one at Con Brio. It was one of the most enjoyable shows I ever did with my friends. Mr. "Weeping Harp" Senoh also joined us. This is the picture of some of us after the show.

Live at Con Brio


Jamming with

Mr. "Mr. Weeping Harp" Senoh



Live at The Lake Yamanakako Music Festival



Live at The Loft 14-7-1999


Live at King Rat 17-7-1999



At Times Square on 19-4-2003 with Helter Skelter

At the Jazz Club with the Bluesman from Los Angeles Mr. Cosmo St. Clair, circa 2000


Live At Hard Rock Cafe 8th June 2003

Stephane Wong : drums, Koya Hisakazu : Bass, Arthur "Tracy" Cheuk : keyboards

At City University with Koya and Taro


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