Bruce Lee

Is it the real thing or what? When I first saw it on the internet, I just could not make up my mind. But it is true, it is an action figure, a 1/6 scale 12 inch plastic posable figure. It is just incredible. It could just easily have passed off as the real thing. The likeness, the facial expression are so true it is almost spooky. This action figure is the first of a series of Bruce Lee figures sculptured by Korean artist Arnie Kim and manufactured by Enterbay . Over the years, I have collected quite a number of action figures, but nothing like this. The is the real thing. From the hair, eyes, facial expression, body proportion, everything detail is just like the real thing. You have to see it to believe it. The figure is based on Bruce Lee's unfinished last film "The Game Of Death".

For most Asian people, Bruce Lee is the real hero and legend. He is the man that brought Chinese Kung Fu to the Western World. All of a sudden Westerners all wanted to learn Kung Fu, all wanted to learn to use the Nunchaku (the two sticks weapon) and all over the world people became mesmerized by this phenomenal Kung Fu Master. To me, Bruce Lee is an always inspiration. For a Chinese, for a small guy like him to break into the movie world, to have built his body to such an an incredible and impossible shape and the most important of all, to have reached such a level with Kung Fu and turning it into an art, this is stuff of which legend made Every time I think of Bruce Lee, I feel nothing is impossible, you just work hard and keep working. Bruce Lee is synonymous with strength, power and determination.


The package comes with 7 interchangeable hands, two pairs of interchangeable eyes (no, I am not kidding). The eyes can be changed easily by lifting the top of the head. Each pair of eyes have two different expressions depending how to put them into the head. There is also an adjustable braclet just like the one we saw Bruce Lee wearing in the two brief fight scenes he was filmed before he died. As to weapons, only the Nunchuku and bamboo stick. More than enough considering the man himself is the most lethal weapon of all.

The top part of the hair of the figure is easily removable and gives easy access to the eyes.


A diorama is also included in the set (bloody well better do, the amount they are asking for). This is taken from the tower within which the fights between Bruce and his victims took place. A nice touch. The beam and columns are made of wood (not gold, mind you). The lower part of the wall is weathered and looks realistic enough.
Bruce Lee's incredible body is accurately reproduced. Although you don't see much of it with the track suit on, it is comforting to know the guy is strong. The dilemma though, is this. If you leave the track suit on, you cannot see the lovely body. But if you take the track suit off to show off the body, you see all the joints of the figure which really put the thing in its true light : it is just an action figure. Since you spent so much money to get a look-a-like of the real thing, it kind of defeats the purpose if you take the track suit off.


Getting ready for the fast triple kick.


Well, well, well, they always think of ways and come up with things to take your money away. Is it worth the price tag? Some people put money on a horse, others on a bottle of wine, and some on a nice pair of legs. It depends how much it means to you. It means a lot to me. The figure stands on top of one of my Westlake speakers in my studio. Every time I look up I will get inspired to go that extra mile in my music. I know you are going to ask how much is the thing. Too much.


"Hey punk, you wanna come out for a bit?"


PS The figure is a limited edition thing (well, they had to do it, hadn't they? If only to jack up the price). There is suppose to be a limited issue of 35,000 pieces for the whole world. If you want one, you'd better hurry up. Hot Toys had two in stock when I picked up my pre-ordered Bruce Lee today 20th October,2006.