My latest recording


Produced by Mr. Kazuo Takeda

Release date : March 2004

Review by BC Magazine

Tracks from Blues Times :

Tommy Guitar

Mojo Boogie

On 14th Saturday, February 2004, the final mastering of my new recording Blues Time was completed in Los Angeles.

I am honoured to have the number one Blues harp player in Japan Mr. "Weeping Harp" Senoh on my recording. Mr. Senoh is a true Blues master and his Blues harp is undoubtedly the highlight of the recording. My good friend Mr. Masa Oya played double bass on two of the tracks. Music is the best thing that ever happened to me; it has taken me to places I otherwise would not have reached, made me so may friends that I would not otherwise have made.

Time is my third CD in the past 10 years. Recording Blues Time took me back to where it all started, JVC/Victor Lake Yamanakako Studio in Tokyo. It has been 10 years since I last recorded at the studio. Throughout the years I have made so many good friends through music and met so many great musicians who give me inspiration, who set examples for me to follow.

Blues Time was recorded with musicians whom I play week in and week out at 48th Street. Koya, the heavy weight sumo bassit, Taro our shuffle drummer, the one and only Arthur 'Tracy' and the inimitable Stephane Wong. There is a rapport and understanding between us that I cannot find elsewhere. They are all great musicains, but it is the understanding amongst us that really made it different from my two previous recording. This recording also marked a new beginning for me. I have finally packed in my legal practice. I want to the one thing I love most in life, to play music. Law was my profession, but it was never my vocation. By giving up my legal practice, I gave away my profession, my security in life, I gave away what I studied and was trained to do. I do not know what lies ahead. But I would not change it for the world. The rest of my time will be spent doing what I love to do in life, the rest of my time shall be Blues time.

In the sleeve of Blues Time, I have a collection of pictures of some of the good times I had throughout the years and some of the friends I had made playing music in Japan and Hong Kong. The music in this recording is closest to my heart and I would like to thank all the musicians taking part in this recording for making the music come true.



Koya Hisakazu


Mr. "Weeping Harp" Senoh

Stephane Wong

Taro Takashi


Arthur "Tracy" Cheuk

Masa Oya


Blues Time was recorded in All Blues Studio and Mark One Studio in Hong Kong, Studio D of JVC/Victor Studio in Japan. The recording was mixed at Barry Paul's Studio and mastered at Private Island Tarx Studio in Los Angeles. It was quite an undertaking for me.

All Blues Studio

Mark One Studio

Studio D of JVC/Victor Studio

Barry Paul Studio

Private Island Trax Studio

Paul Horabin


Oya san and Shima san

JVC/Victor Studio

Shima san


JVC/Victor Studio in Lake Yamanakako



Blues Time was produced by Mr. Kazuo Takeda to whom I am eternally indebted. My special thanks to Mr. Kazuo Takeda for his guidiance and inspiration.


When it came to mixing the recording, the was never any question that I wanted to go back to Barry Paul's Studio. Mr. Barry Paul recorded and mixed my last recording and I know just how good he is. I know Mr. Barry Paul will do a great job and it turned out to be every bit I expected and a lot more. I would like to thank Mr. Barry Paul and also his young assistant engineer Mr. Paul Horabin.
What is left now is the making of the stamper and the sleeve desgin. If everything goes according to plan (which they seldom do), Blues Time will see the light of day ar around the end of March. I would like to thank here all the musicains and engineers who are involved in this recording project without whose help I couldn't have made it. I would like to thank all my friends and fans at 48th Street for their support.



Engineer at Mark One Studio : Koya Hisakazu

Enigneer at All Blues Studio : Tommy Chung

Engineer at JVC/Victor Studio : Shima san

Enigneer at Barry Paul Studio : Barry Paul and Paul Horabin

Engineer at Private Insland Trax Studio : Brian Friedman



Tommy Chung : Guitars and vocal

'Weeping Harp Senoh' : Blues Harp

Koya Hisakzu : Bass

Masa Oya : Double bass

Taro Takashi : Drums

Stephane Wong : Drums

Arthur 'Tracy' Cheuk : Keyboards and piano


Blues Time Track List

1. Tommy Guitar; 2. Don't Start Me Talking;; 3. From Four 'Til Late; 4. My Time After A While;

5. Blue Mood; 6. Love Her With A Feeling; 7. Mojo Boogie; 8. Sick & Tired; 9.Brand New Woman;

10. Midnight Blues; 11. The Promised Land.


BSMF Records are the Japan distributor of Blues Time.

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