Blues Talk


Produced by Kazuo Takeda

Recorded at Barry Paul Recording Stuido in L.A. and All Blues Studio Hong Kong

Mastered by Sean Nova at Sonic Mastering Studios in L.A.

Track List

1. All Your Love (Otis Rish)
2. Mean Mistreator (Leroy Carr)
3. Yonder's Wall (Elmore James)
4. How Long (Leroy Carr)
5. For You My Love (P. Gayton)
6. Goodbye Down The Road (T. Chung)
7. Trouble In Mind (Richard James)
8. Walking By Myself (James Lane)
9. Love, Life & Money (Dixon/Glover)
10. Walking Throu' The Park (McKinley Morganfield)
11. Goodbye Down The Road (T. Chung)

Songs from Blues Time :

Goodbye Down The Road (acoustic version)

Goodbye Down The Road (electric version)


With Mr. Kazuo Takeda

In October, 2001, I went to Los Angeles to record my second CD. It has been 6 years since my last recording Play My Blues. In those intervening years, so many things had changed, life had changed; I was certainly not spared the vicissitudes and hardship of life and I felt had a deeper understanding of the Blues and had something more to offer in my music. I recorded Blues Talk because I felt I have something new to offer in music. On Blues Talk, I recorded some of the songs that I have loved all my life. In many ways, they are the stories of my life.

For Blues Talk, I originally wrote only one song Goodbye Down The Road and that was the acoustic version. Goodbye Down The Road was written at a time when I was almost at the nadir of my life, when life was falling apart and I felt every word I sang; it is a sad song, but then and again life is not always rosy. Shortly before I went to L.A. to do the recording, I decided to do an electric version of the song. For this recording, I did not feel the need to write a host of materials for the session. Blues Talk is a collection of some of my favourite songs that helped to shape me as a person and musician.

Mr. Kazuo Takeda was so kind again to be my producer and he assembled a bunch top class musicians to help me out. Mr. Barry Paul of Barry Paul Recording Studio did a great job on the mixing as did Mr. Sean Nova on mastering at Sonic Mastering Studios. I just do not know how to expresse my gratitude to Mr. Kazuo Takeda.

I thank everybody involved in the recording with all my heart and most of all I thank Mr. Kazuo Takeda for his guidance and inspiration.

All songs on Blues Talk except Mean Mistreator and Goodbye Down The Road (acoustic version) were recorded at Barry Paul Recordings in Los Angeles, U.S.A. between 29th October and 2nd November, 1992 and mastered by Mr. Sean Nova at Sonic Mastering Studios in Los Angeles.


For Blues Talk, I used the following guitars :-

1. Gibson Les Paul 1958 Re-issue; 2. Steinbeger L Series; 3.The Blues Guitar; 4.Matrin D28,

5. Ibanze acoustic and The Blues Guitar

The 1958 Re-issue and The Blues Guitar


Tommy Chung, vocals and all guitars except on For You My Love and How Long

Mr. Kazuo Takeda : Producer and gutiars on For You My Love and How Long

Larry Rott; Bass


Yoko “Sunny Girl” Hashimoto :
Blues Harp

Stephen Marshall : Drums

Haru Yoshiida: Drums


Ivan Sherill : Bass

Mark Foster : Keyboards


Barry Paul Recording Studio

Barry Paul : Chief Engineer

With Yoshida and my good friend Cosmo

Connie, Yoko, Kazuo & Cosmo

With Larry Rott

With Stephen Marshall

Yoshida and Larry


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Blues Talk is distributed by EMI Group Hong Kong Limited and is availaible at most CD shops and is availiable at 48th Street Chicago Blues

Blues Talk is distributed by Japan by BSMF Records. My special thanks to Masato Nushimura for putting my CD up in Japan.

My special thanks to my friend Masato Nishimura for putting my CD in distribution in Japan.


Liner Notes of Blues Talk

In 1977, I heard my first Blues tune in England. That was All You Love recorded by John Mayall and Eric Clapton. In 1997, the sovereignty of Hong Kong went back to China. Now is the year 2001. Things have changed. Life has changed. Life is full of love, joy misfortunes, pain and suffering. I have had my fair share of these afflictions. They say to talk about the Blues is to talk about life. I am now beginning to understand.

These songs here were recorded at Barry Paul Recordings between 29th October and 2nd November, 2001 in Los Angeles, U.S.A. These songs include some of my all-time favourites. In more than one ways, they are a reflection of my life.

I would like to thank everyone who played with me on these recordings. They were simply magnificent; they added so much colour to the songs. I could not have asked for more. At times, the music and the feeling in the studio was so intense I could almost feel as if time stood still to make way for the music. I thank also Barry Paul for bringing out the true feel and spirit of the songs.

I thank my producer Mr. Kazuo Takeda who has been my guiding light and mentor. Without his inspiration and guidance, I simply would not be here.

Lastly, I thank my wife Connie for her unailing support throughout these difficult years.

In 48th Street Chicago Blues, Hong Kong has for the first time found a home for the Blues. I play there every Saturday night. Drop by if you are in the mood.

A sad note

Sean Nova

Sean is friendly, soft spoken and one of the most polite person I have ever met. He loves music and has good ear and what it takes to bring out the best colour in any kind of music in mastering and re-mastering. I think Blues Talk is good evidence of Sean's talent. Sean is also a musician himself. Sean also re-mastered my first CD Play My Blues. When I was at Sonic Mastering Studios, I had had the choice to look through the CDs Sean Mastered or re-mastered. It was a very impressive catalogue, from Blues to Rick to Jazz, Sean seems to have done it all. In August, 2003, I talked to Sean about the mastering of the CD I was to record at the end of this year. I was looking forward to meeting with him and working with him again the end of this year.

On 17th September, 2003, I received an e-mail from Sean's friend informing me that that Sean had died of electricution whilst fixing something in his new house. I was shocked and was deeply saddened by it. Life is so fragil. Sean died in his early thirties; so much talent, so much life wiped out in so short an instance. Whilst I cannot say I am his best friend, I am truly aggrieved by his death. Sean will be missed. My deepest condolences to Sean's family. I will always remember him.


Some pictures of Sean courtesy of Tom Branom. My heart goes out to the family of Sean.


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