Audiophoile Magazine Review No. 2 July 2002

English text beneath Chinese text

Hong Kong’s Blues fanatic Tommy Chung once again spent money from his own pocket to go to America to record his second Cd, and he also invited the Japanese guitar master Kazuo Takeda to produced and played part of the guitar parts, and the other backing musicians are all world class backing musicians, in terms of musicians, this recording excelled the last one.
Apart from a strong Blues flavour, the recording has a tinge of Jazz flavour, this is one of the main features of the recording and the feeling is really special. The choice of materials is to be given credit, the there slow and up beat songs in between, half an half. After an up beat song, there is a slow one to follow. For example Trakc 4 and Track 5 are a good example. I recommend Track 4 “How Long”, the sound was fantastic, stunning Blues harp are the cornerstone of this song. In partuclar, “Sunny Girl” Yoko was played harp on this track together with Tommy’s singing enough to bring tears to your eyes. I had only listened this CD for only a few and had decided to write this review. To understand the sound of the Blues harp, “Blues Talk” is the choice. ( I recommend turning up the volume of your hi-fi system when you listen to this CD in order to fully appreciate the tone, something that will bring you a pleasant surprise).