Audiohpile Magazine review No. 1

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CD name : Blues Talk
Performer : Tommy Chung
Serial No. : EMI TC 002
Recording quality : Fantastic guitar sound

Tommy Ching is the number one Blues guitarist in Hong Kong, after listening to his latest recording, the first feeling you get is this the melody was so palatable, every single song has a strong Blues feel, but I am sure you will get addicted to listening to it, every note is fresh and vibrant, it makes you admire with exclamation for the feel and vitality. Of the 11 songs on the CD, I listen to “How Long” the most, this song not only as a great melody, Tommy was also singing at his best, the result was fantastic, on top there was the harp, the atmosphere was hot, turn up the volume on your hi-fi system, you will be embraced by the music, you cannot help but exclaim “This is great!”. The high quality of recording emphasized the magical quality of Tommy’s guitar technique, even the most fastidious listener cannot pick any faults. Those who participated in the recording include the ultimate super guitar master Kazuo Takeda (he was also the producer), I dare this just this song is worth the price of the CD, this something you should not miss whether you are a Blues fan or not.