My 1992 visit to Sapporo, Japan

The August of 1992 was a turning point in my life playing music. That summer I went to Sapporo City in Japan. It was the first time I went abroad playing music. For the first time in my life, I met people who were as crazy about the Blues as I am. I could not believe that there were people who were into Robert Johnson, Son House, Willie Brown, Charlie Patton. In Hong Kong, I just felt like a freak with nobody to talk to with no one understanding what I was talking about. In Sapporo, I made many friends and life-long friends they have become. I played in small club called “Golden Slumbers” and traveled to Furano and played in the Furano Music Festival and also played in a Blues bar called “Hurt Wood Café” in Furano. I could never forget the happiness I felt with my new music friends, I could never forget how happy it was to play with music and talk music with them. I came back to Hong Kong a happy man. At the same time, I also realized my musical disability having watched my new friends play the Blues. Here I want to thank Mr. Onoda for inviting me to go to Sapporo City in 1992. Had I not been to Sapporo in that summer of 1992, I am sure I would have been a different man.

Here are some of the good times I had in the August of 1992